5 Ways to Make Someone Rage Quit - Minecraft

5 Ways to Make Someone Rage Quit - Minecraft

5 Ways to Make Someone Rage Quit is a Five Ways video on ExplodingTNT. It is the first non explosion video, showcasing five ways to make a player rage quit in Minecraft.


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The video begins by showcasing the first option for angering a player: to Trick Them. In this scenario, X_SiiMMo_X  is shown walking into a stone structure, with a button telling him free diamonds. Upon pressing the button, a cluster of TNT spawns around him, exploding and killing him. Upon experiencing this, he promptly quits the game.

Following this scene, the second option, Grief them, is showcased. This scenario shows Steve exiting from a wooden house, bound for adventure. Upon returning, however, he finds his house covered in lava.

The third option showcases the idea of trapping a player in bedrock, displaying ILoveCookiesxD in this situation. After a while, he proceeds to quit the game.

The fourth option, on the opposite hand, showcases the idea of outright killing a player. In this scenario, ILoveCookiesxD is shown being chased in a cave by silverfish, who eventually corner him at the end of the cave. Trapped, the silverfish promptly kill him, forcing him to quit the game.

The fifth and final option showcased is vastly different from the others, as it gives the idea of scaring a player. As such, it displays tonywuzhere99 walking into his house, only to encounter two players sleeping in his two beds, each wearing a Herobrine skin. Shocked at this, he leaves the game, ending the video.