Not what you were looking for? See Billy The Builder.

Billy is a noob and a non-recurring minor character in ExplodingTNT’s videos. 



Billy is a noob that resembles a Lego figure in some things, like his yellow skin. Billy wears a light lime shirt, and brown colored pants, possible made out of leather. His face is very simple; it consists of two black dots as eyes and a black smile as his mouth. He has no hair, nose, or any other facial features other than his eyes and mouth. 


Billy is a noob; not because he is stupid, but because he is actually new to the game and doesn’t know any features of it. This explains that he doesn’t like deadbushes, dirt, ink sacs or any other nooby things; he is just new to the game. He might be short-tempered like UglyDiaper22.


If Diamonds and Wood Switched Places

Billy appears in one of the scenes in this video. The scene starts with a player (possibly a pro) welcoming Billy to Minecraft and asking him if he’s excited, to which Billy responds with a yes. The pro continues speaking, telling Billy that the first thing needed to be done in Minecraft to start your adventure is breaking wood. The man turns around and realizes that all wood logs around them have changed into diamond blocks. This causes the man to say: "Well Billy, you're on your own kid.". Then, the man quits the game by killing himself. This angers Billy, as he screams in rage.