Buck is a player in ExplodingTNT's video If the Ender Dragon went to School.


Buck is a noob, wearing only blue overalls. He is white-skinned. He has a generic noob mouth, blue eyes, whitish drool, and messy brown hair.


Buck is a noob, which is further proved by his buck teeth, face design, and the fact that he has The Spelling Disease. He also enjoys bullying The Enderdragon


If The Ender Dragon went to School

In the first scene, Buck is shown in the classroom when the Enderdragon comes in.

In the second scene, the Teacher tells the class that they win the game if they kill the Enderdragon. Everyone, including Buck, pulls out a diamond sword and tries to kill the Dragon.

In the fourth scene, the class goes to a forest is told to cut wood. The teachers calls on Buck to demonstrate how to cut wood. He cuts the tree, and soon the rest of the class cuts down the trees. The Enderdragon ends up destroying the entire forest.

In the fifth and final scene, Buck and another Player bully the Enderdragon enough to make the dragon leave the class.