The Creeper was a creeper, and eventually teacher in If Creepers went to School.


The Creeper looks like any other creeper.


The Creeper tends to be stubborn, and stupid.


If Creepers went to School

In the video, two players were joking about Creepers. This was overheard by the Creeper and he got depressed. Then he remembered ab ugly thing telling him about school, and instantly joined, causing panic amongst his classmates.

In the next scene, his teacher Mr. McSextens43 told everyone they would learn about ocelots. As a creeper, the Creeper did not like ocelots and asked if they could learn anything else. The teacher said no and he got angry.

After that, he went up to his teacher and asked if he could get something higher than an F on his project, which he had worked very hard on. The teacher said no, and the Creeper presumably killed him, as he became the teacher for the year the next day.

Later, he tried to befriend someone, but he said no, claiming he was ugly.

Soon, he was being bullied in the park, but he he had an army of creepers behind him.

During show-and-tell, he brought in something he inherited from his dead grandmother called "The Annihilator" and everyone freaked out.

In the final scene, they were playing basketball, and their coach, Baconcrafter, told them to score a basket. When the Creeper tried, he terribly missed, and was cut from the team.