Crystal Sheep is Pink Sheep's girlfriend, first appearing in "If Pink Sheep had a Girlfriend Part 1”.


Crystal Sheep appears as an ordinary sheep, but she has light blue wool and has the eyes of the same color, with long eyelashes. She also speaks with a soft girl voice, and is the first Sheep in TNT History to do so.


Crystal Sheep is nice and kind to everyone, even to zombies and people dirty of rotten cheese, speaking with a soft girl voice. One known trait about her is that she thinks it is "silly" to be named after one's wool color, even though both Pink Sheep and Purple Shep are named after it. She is the only person/mob/entity/thing that thinks that Purple Shep is a cutie. She also loves ExplodingTNT's videos, who is her best friend, to the disappointment of Pink Sheep, who thought that TNT is trying to steal his future wife. According to ExplodingTNT, they are perfect for each other.


  • Purple Shep drew a picture of Crystal Sheep in one of his videos.
  • Pink Sheep finally refused to her to marry a Dorito chip, but ended up eating it and wanted her to be his girlfriend again.
  • She is the first sheep with blue eyes instead of black.
  • In the video description, ExplodingTNT asked if the viewers wanted to see Crystal Sheep again. This means she may appear in future videos.
  • She is the only Sheep as of now to be female.
    • She is also the only grown-up sheep who is not named after their wool color.

      Purple Shep's drawing of Crystal Sheep

  • She is the 3rd talking sheep to appear in TNT's videos.
  • She likes rotten cheese.
  • So far, she didn't appear on any ExplodingTNT video since "If Pink Sheep had a Girlfriend Part 2”. However, she was mentioned many times on Pink Sheep's channel, including a song dedicated to her, which even had a one hour long version, and a four video story arc, ending with Crystal Sheep finally becoming his girlfriend.
  • After the story arc, a bit more progression soon led to Pink Sheep marrying her October 2017, just over a year after he first met her.