If Herobrine Took a Shower is a video on ExplodingTNT's channel. In it, we find out what would happen if Herobrine decided to take a shower.


Herobrine needs to stay clean just like the rest of us... but what if he decided he wanted to take a shower?

Leave Herobrine alone... You creep.


A plumber is standing on a booth saying that the audience may think he is an army general when he is actually a plumber and he is here to offer his service. He offers to fix sinks for half price (despite there being no sinks in Minecraft). He also very quickly mentions he is looking for a boyfriend, until he is killed by Herobrine.

The audience becomes scared that Herobrine will kill them as well. Herobrine tells them not to worry and he is not going to kill anyone. He then announces that he will take a shower and it will be the first of his life. He also tells the audience to wish him luck, then leaves.

As Herobrine is walking to The Public Shower, he thinks that the Public Shower is beautiful and that when he steps in, his entire life will be changed. He continues saying other positive things about it until he gets interrupted when someone says "Hey there, friend." Herobrine turns around to see more players standing, preparing to watch him take his shower. Herobrine becomes enraged and kills all of the players with his lightning.

Herobrine steps into the shower and states that "he'll be as clean as his mother's asscrack." He then turns on the shower, takes off his clothes, and gets in. He enjoys his shower for a few seconds until a different voice says "Hey, dude." Herobrine looks up to see Pink Sheep in an odd voice, standing on the roof of the Public Shower. Pink Sheep then makes an inappropriate comment, then starts making a weird "WABABABABABABA" noise as the camera zooms on Pink Sheep's face multiple times.


  • This video is particularly mature compared to modern ExplodingTNT videos.
  • This video was the first appearance of Pink Sheep. In this video, Pink Sheep lacks a mustache and doesn't speak in a robotic voice.
  • When Herobrine was walking to the Public Shower, Notch and Jeb were among the people circling him.
  • As of 2018, this video has been deleted.
  • However You Can Still Watch The Video On The Fake ExplodingTNT Channel To See The Video Then Click On The [1][1].