If Notch was Evil is a video on ExplodingTNT's channel. In it, Notch decides to become evil and mischievous upon being dissatisfied with his life.


What if Notch got bored of his regular life, and decided to become evil and ruin the world for us all? How would that go?

Basically, we don't want to make Notch angry.


The video opens with Notch in Mojang Office, saying how much he hates his life. Saying everyone loves him, he decides that it needs to stop, although he is not sure how. Thus, he decides that "it's time", and transforms into Evil Notch, his alternate persona. Now a completely different person, Evil Notch walks over to his computer. Greeting it, he declares that they will be able to ruin Minecraft and everyone in it, and thus begins his plan. Later, a Noob suddenly spawns into the game, shouting how excited he is that his parents finally bought online Minecraft for him, allowing him to play Minecraft with his friends.

Saying how fun it will be, the noob admits how long he has waited for this to happen, before suddenly being blasted with lightning. The person responsible is soon revealed to be Evil Notch, who laughs at the noob's misfortune. At that moment, another player can be seen in his house, placing paintings of Herobrine's face at various shapes and sizes. As he goes through these paintings, he feels awkward and says nothing. Meanwhile, SkyDoesMinecraft can be seen in front of a golden block, with a sign reading "Admire me". Sky remarks at how beautiful it looks, saying he can't stop staring at it. Now deeply fascinated with it, he considers living right next to it, so he can admire it constantly. At that moment, the block transforms into a squid, causing Sky to freak out.

Back in The City, a female player walks back, revealing a large, intricate house. The player expresses how she finally completed her work, as she worked hard on it. While she considers showing it to her own mother, Evil Notch walks in. Not realizing Notch's sudden change in persona, the player greets Notch, showing him her newly built house. After asking if he likes it, Notch suddenly transforms the house into a giant TNT structure, horrifying the player as it explodes. Meanwhile, a third player is shown, equiped with leather armor and an iron sword. Looking around, he asks if anyone is around him, asking them to not scare him. At that moment, a zombie appears, freaking the player out.

However, the player soon realizes it is just a zombie, and decides to kill it. Once the zombie is attacked, it shouts out "BABY!" in a Justin Bieber voice, confusing the player. He is later surrounded by a horde of zombies fourteen days later, who also shout "BABY!".