If Notch was Kidnapped by Villagers is a video on ExplodingTNT's channel. In the video, a team of Villagers kidnap Notch

Official Description

Villagers get angry too... But what if they took it too far by stealing Notch from Mojang?

Now you know not to mess with Notch... he has backup... weird backup.


The video begins inside The Village at night. The Villager Boss is holding a meeting with a team of other villagers, saying they "can't have this anymore". He says something will be done, and everything will change once it is complete. The Villager Boss then asks a nearby villager if everything in the plan is ready. Once the villager responds yes, The Villager Boss asks if the others are ready, and that no one will ever again think of them the same way. The next day, at Mojang Office, several of the Mojang staff are seen walking around aimlessly, praising their jobs at Mojang. After some time, the lights suddenly flicker, and Notch disappears.

Realizing that Notch has gone missing, the rest of the Mojang staff panic and begin searching everywhere for him. Eventually, they get frustrated and even call out to Notch, asking him to return to them. Despite this, Dinnerbone soon considers the situation, and realizes what Mojang can do without Notch's presence. As the rest of Mojang realizes this, they throw a huge party, spawning multiple mobs in the process. Back at the village, Notch has been put before The Villager Boss, who asks Notch if he knows why he is there. He tells Notch that this was what he deserved, despite the fact that Notch no longer codes Minecraft. In ignorance to this fact, The Villager Boss says that first they were given an ugly appearance, then they were given weird sounds in the 1.6 update.

In response to the latter, The Villager Boss angrily asks Notch if he thinks the sound is normal. He then complains about how players always disrespect and abuse them, and that they are all tired of it. Now considering Notch's fate, The Villager Boss decides to kill Notch in agreement with the other villagers, as it will show Mojang their true nature. In opposition of this, Notch decides to call his "backup" as the entire area explodes, freeing Notch and killing all of the villagers. Shortly afterwards, a naked person holding TNT arrives, saying that someone called him over to save Notch. Notch tells this savior that although all of the villagers were killed, Notch's life was spared, and he wouldn't be here if not for the person. The person responds by saying that neither would he, and leaves.