MCOrigins is a Minecraft server owned by ExplodingTNT. It contains some minigames, but also Factions, Creative, and much more!

IP Address

(To join, click Multiplayer, then Direct Connect, then copy and paste the address above into the box.)


  • Pink Sheep is the MCOrigins mascot.
  • The server is compatible with Minecraft versions 1.8 to 1.12.2.
  • MCOrigins has been closing many games since late 2017, and it has been theorized that it will soon close down due to a decline of players online.
    • In circa Late 2017, Egg Wars, one of the server's most iconic games, closed due to a lack of players.
    • In July 2018, Creative and Skyblock servers were reset. Both Creative Red and Blue were closed and replaced with one Creative server. It was also announced that Factions would also reset soon.
    • In June 2018, Survival was added to the server, likely to make up for the lack of games by adding a simple game mode.