Noobs are a variant of Player in Minecraft, and are the most often shown of player variants.


Noobs are known for possessing a low knowledge of Minecraft, and having an attraction to deadbushes, dirt, coarse dirt, cobblestone, ink sacs, and wood. Furthermore, Noobs typically have a strange appearance and build small, ugly houses out of dirt, cobblestone, or completely random blocks.

Because of their unintelligence, pros and all negative type players (including Trolls, Bullies, Hackers, and Griefers) abuse and make fun of noobs just for the sake of it. Although most noobs dismiss these insults, some attempt to take revenge and go to elaborate measures. Such measures include, among other things, reprogramming Minecraft and challenging other players.

Notable Noobs


  • Most noobs seem to have common features, such as derpy face, crazed eyes, and drooling mouth.