The Noob is an unnamed Noob and the protagonist of If a Dirt Dimension was Added. Similar to all noobs, he possesses a strange appearance, is attracted to dirt, and has a hatred of diamonds.


If a Dirt Dimension was added

The Noob first appears in If a Dirt Dimension was Added. While going on a mining trip with little success, he manages to discover obsidian, and so proceeds to mine it. As he is unsuccessful due to having a stone pickaxe,a player approaches him, saying that the block he's trying to mine is obsidian. He explains to the noob that a portal can be made with obsidian, allowing him to visit The Nether, so long as he has a diamond pickax. While the noob considers what the player said, he decides to create a nether portal. Believing that the player told him to use his favorite block, he builds a portal frame out of dirt, and ignites the portal, opening the doorway to the Dirt Dimension.

Once inside the Dirt Dimension, he notices a Dirt Ghast flying around, telling him he is not in The Nether. Acknowledging this, the noob wanders across the dimension before a dirt creature greets him, welcoming him to the Dirt Dimension. As the dirt creature tells the noob to follow him, he is led to the Dirt Village populated by other noobs, and declares the Dirt Dimension an awesome place. Deciding to join the other noobs, he tells them a rather horrible joke, and makes the other noobs start laughing. Shortly afterwards, he begins doing various fun things with the dirt creature, such as throwing dirt around, creating stacks of dirt, and burning diamonds. In the process, he gets out a grass block, to the fright of the Dirt Creature.

The Creature explains that placing the grass will cause it to multiply, and he must throw it away. Despite this, the noob places the block, and destroys the entire dimension.

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