The Noob is an unnamed Noob in ExplodingTNT's videos. He appears as the main character in Minecraft was NOT made for This.


The Noob looks pretty similar to Steve, but has a weirdly messed up face. He has buck teeth, a large pink tongue, and he has bulging derpy eyes.


The Noob is obviously new to Minecraft and its servers, only coming along to find the true love of his life. However, most girls do not like him, because he is ugly and not overall very intelligent. Despite this, he continues looking for his love on all kinds of servers, but failing miserably.


Minecraft was NOT made for This

The Noob is the main character of this video. He first spawns into the McOrigins server, noticing how the server is nicely built and that it must have taken a long time to create. However, he scratches that thought immediately, as he only came along to get a girlfriend.

He first walks towards the middle of the lobby and shouts out that he is looking for a girlfriend. He immediately notices a girl, and approaches her, asking her if she wants to be his girlfriend. However, she rejects him, leaving with the words "no gtfo".

This doesn't bother the noob, as he continues running around until he notices another girl, saying that "her backside makes him feel good inside". He approaches her, and asks her if she wants to be his girlfriend. Soon afterwards, it is revealed that her face is actually the face of The Baby, as she turns around and says "Hello there" in a weird voice.