Notch is a major character in the ExplodingTNT universe. He is the creator of Minecraft, and he can make any edits he wants at will with his computer. He has been featured in many of ExplodingTNT's videos.


Notch has the appearance of an older male. He has a bald head, a black beard, and wears a brown shirt with ragged sleeves. He also wears grey pants and black shoes. His eyes are black dots, but turn into big squares when Notch is surprised. In If You Could Go To The Past In Minecraft He is seen in 2009 with hair right before he released Minecraft.


Notch is the creator of Minecraft. He is usually quite intelligent, but he gets easily angered, oftentimes leading him to add weird stuff into the game as revenge. He is also quite nooby, as he likes deadbushes, ink sacks and dirt. This makes him easy to be bribed with this objects to add stuff in game, but sometimes he gives his powers to or makes updates for random people without any threat or bribery. He often adds stupid things into the game and thinks that they are great. Also, some of his updates end up affecting himself, such as when he made Minecraft only for girls, removing himself (If Minecraft was only for girls), when he directly removed himself from Minecraft (If Minecraft was Chaotic), making himself realistic (If Minecraft had Good Graphics) and when he jailed everyone older than 5 years old, including himself (If Minecraft was only for 5 year olds).

Notch often falls in love with inanimate objects and paintings, as seen in the video Why Bedrock is Unbreakable, where he falls in love with a painting of a Pugrilla. This feature is also seen in a The Weird Comments Series video, where he falls in love with a doorknob he thinks is his "long lost girlfriend" Bertha, but that might have been because he was drunk. He is also very strict, this is revealed in If an Age Bar was Added, where he founds an baby who friendly tells him how many years is he, then he says since he is bald (in real life he actually has some hair), he might be an grandpa, but then Notch angrily kills him, insulting him.

Official Description

Original creator of Minecraft, he cares for the game dearly, however he gets his kicks out of trolling the people who play it.


  • In a The Weird Comments Series video, a toilet attempts to cheat on Jeb and falls in love with Notch.
  • Purple Shep refers to Notch as "bald man".
  • Purple Shep's computer is actually Notch's stolen computer.
  • In If Trees were Removed, one tree referred to Notch as "Mr Clean", because both Notch and Mr Clean are bald.