The Orca is a major but unrecurring character. He is an animal seen in the Lost Island series.


The Lost Island's Orca has got the same color schemes than a normal orca: black and white, with a big white spot around the eyes. It's got 4 big fins: 2 at the top of the tail and another 2 as forelimbs. The only difference between it and real life orcas is the cubic shape (something very common in Minecraft universe) and the absence of dorsal fin, making his external morphology very similar to a giant seal's one. Ironically, its noise sounds like a seal's one.


The Orca of the Lost Island is a mob who likes to stay in peace swimming in his lake at the center of the jungle, and will never let nobody to disturb that peace, unless we're talking about Pink Sheep and his almighty kick and inmense ego. Otherwhise, he mustn't fear most annoyning people as his body is heavy enough to crush The Destroyer's armor like if he was an oversized John Cena.



The Orca made a small appearance swimming in the lake at the center of the Forest.


Meanwhile ExplodingTNT, Notch and Herobrine fight against The Destroyer, Pink Sheep is arguring with the Orca, as Pink Sheep wants to take a bath and the Orca refuses to leave the lake (a "giant bath", according to Pink Sheep). After a long arguring, Pink Sheep finally kicks the Orca with immense force. Sending it flying over the jungle as if it is a bird.

When Herobrine sees the Orca about to fall over them, he warns everyone to take cover, but The Destroyer is too slow, so is crushed by a combination of the massive weight of the Orca and a John Cena meme effect, meanwhile the Orca adds itself an MLG Glasses meme. A few seconds later, the Orca struggles in the ground and dies.


  • In DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERE! the Orca has got big white spots around its eyes like normal Orcas, but in LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! it doesn't.
  • The Orca came from the mod Oceancraft.
  • It's more similar to a whale-seal breed than to a real Orca, as he sounds like a seal and its dorsal fin is absent.
  • It's known as an Oversized fat hippo by Pink Sheep.
  • After destroying The Destroyer, the MLG Glasses fell over Orca's left fin, instead of it's head.