Patrick is a minor but recurring character appearing in ExplodingTNT's videos.


Patrick is bright pink with some dark dots. His eyes are big, with long, black pupils. He wears green/purple shorts. He has a large gaping mouth, a single buck tooth, and a stream of drool running down his chin.


Patrick acts like a general noob, being even less inteligent than his friend Spongebob. Like him, he is a cheerful character, though sometimes very desconsiderated with some characters, such as Herobrine and Squidward.


  • Patrick is shown in many non-Spongebob themed videos, such as If you couldn't Respawn in Minecraft. This means either Patrick can breathe out of water (unlike the original TV character) or these were players with his skin (like in If Voice Chat was Added, where Donald Trump disguises as him)
  • Due to Minecraft being made of cubes, Patrick's head is square-shaped, instead of being pointy like the one of the original character.