Pink Sheep's Channel was announced after the video: If Pink Sheep Had a YouTube Channel

Pink Sheep Channel
Pink Sheep Channel
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Pink Sheep's Channel is a secondhand channel of ExplodingTNT. This is where Pink Sheep does some gaming, (he has played Minecraft, ROBLOX,, Who's Your Daddy?, Octodad, Youtuber's Life, and Minecraft Story Mode) and vlogs as opposed to ExplodingTNT's channel, where ExplodingTNT mostly creates Minecraft Machinimas.

Link to his Channel


Things that often happen on the channel.

Insulting/Torturing Purple Shep

Pink Sheep insults Purple Shep often on this channel. For example, during a video, Pink Sheep twists his snake into odd shapes. Then, he refers to the snake as Purple Shep.

In another video, Purple Shep unplugs the cable, making Pink Sheep glitch and lose, so then he locks Purple Shep in the Washing Machine.

This happened again in another video. But this time Pink Sheep puts Purple Shep in his toaster.

Creative Blue Plots

there are many instances when pink sheep visits creative blue on the mcorigins server t review (mostly) PGN plots, often with hangouts, pink sheep statues, waterslides, trickshot platforms, hater pits and the odd montage.