PinksplodingTNT is the transformation of Pink Sheep when either he and ExplodingTNT fuse together or trade lives.


PinksplodingTNT is a mash up of Pink Sheep and ExplodingTNT. He has a TNT Hoodie, which is pink instead of red. The hoodie also has the white TNT wrapper around it. He has Pink Sheep's face, which is a regular sheep face, but with pink wool, a black mustache, and the "MLG" pixelated shades (sometimes).


PinksplodingTNT has the exact same personality as modern Pink Sheep, as they are one in the same. It is just that PinksplodingTNT has to act like ExplodingTNT to prove his point (on how easy ExplodingTNT's life is). He makes terrible videos, due the low quality equipment and the lack of real actors.