The Rubber Ducky is a new Minecraft boss revealed in If a New Boss was Added to Minecraft.


As the name suggests, the Rubber Ducky is a rubber duck. It's got the shape of a Chicken (Resulting on many people thinking it looks like one); however, it is yellow, with orange beak and legs, and normal, black and white eyes at the sides of the head. Though frequently underestimated, he's got the ability to squeak, producing an inmense explosion.


Most times, the Rubber Ducky is kind and comprensive. However, when someone in any place of the world says it looks like a chicken, the ducky instantly tracks and reaches he/she/it to use its destructive ability. Also, it seems to be not too smart, as Failboat managed to convince him his friend called it "Lincoln" instead of "Chicken".


  • The Rubber Ducky is constantly told to look like a chicken, something it hates. Oddly, some Minecraft players (mostly noobs) mistake chickens with ducks.