Spawning Herobrine is a machinima on ExplodingTNT's channel. In it, Steve attempts to summon Herobrine with two other players.


In this Minecraft Machinima, you will find out if spawning Herobrine works or not... So is Herobrine real, or not?

I think trolls will take over the world soon...


The video begins with two players talking to each other, advertising the MCOrigins server. The conversation, however, is interupted when Steve runs up to them, saying he discovered a way to summon Herobrine. After explaining the process, he urges the players to follow it, which they quickly do. Steve runs up and quickly builds a typical "Herobrine Shrine" that is typically used in mods. Once he is finished, Steve explains that the only step that remains is igniting the Netherack. Indeed, this will make Herobrine appear.

However, the other players have doubts, and the male player tells him that this will never work. Steve, of course, ignores this and ignites the obsidian, before joining the other players. Once it fails, Steve asks himself why it does not work, prompting the male player to tell Steve that Herobrine does not even exist. The player's remark, however, is soon proven false. As the sky suddenly turns dark, an explosion occurs over the shrine, revealing That Annoying Troll in its place. As the players look on in shock, the troll steps down from the shrine, pulling a lever. Following this, TNT falls out of the sky, exploding the other players.