THE WEIRDEST MINECRAFT MOVIE! is a video on ExplodingTNT's channel, and part 20 of The Weird Comments Series.



As part 20, this video is a compilation of the first 19 parts of the Weird Comments Video. The video includes every singe skits from the first 19 parts.


The video starts with ExplodingTNT trying to relax in the TNT Town, when suddenly he's comforted by Pink Sheep and Pink Guy. Pink Sheep tells him that he's going to make part 20 of the Weird Comments Video, but then, he gave TNT the idea to put together all the 19 parts of the series to make a big minecraft movie. ExplodingTNT liked the idea, and Pink Sheep tells him that his fans will finally get to see when he wasn't in his videos. TNT decided to make the movie, and Pink Sheep and Pink Guy walked away, but not before telling him that they will place mouse traps all over the world if he doesn't do it in 2 hours. ExplodingTNT then started the video with part 1.


  • It's revealed in this video that the pink sheep without the mustache that appeared on the first 10 parts of the Weird Command Series is a different version than the modern Pink Sheep. It actually explains why Pink Sheep said in his "Draw My Life" video that he was born with a mustache, while in the old ExplodingTNT videos, he appeared without the mustache.
  • This video includes the second part of the Weird Comment Series, If Minecraft Was Crazy, that was deleted a long time ago from an unknown reason. Because of that, newer fans now have the chance to finally watch the video.
  • This is the longest ExplodingTNT video at the moment, being 1 hour and 43 minutes long.
  • "THE WEIRDEST MINECRAFT MOVIE!" is the fourth ExplodingTNT video to be a compilation of previous videos, the first, third and fifth ones being the "Top 5 ExplodingTNT Videos"; and the second one being the Lost Island series' full movie.
  • In the video is revealed the last comment in "If Minecraft Was Weird" ("Why is ExplodingTNT shaped like a mouse") was the actual reason of everyone calling "Ugly mouse" at ExplodingTNT.