TNT Dimension
Tnt dimension
Vital statistics
Type TNT-Made world
Level Unknown
Location Another Dimension
Inhabitants ExplodingTNT

TNT Mice

TNT Cows

TNT-Headed Wither

The TNT Dimension was a new dimension appeared in If a TNT Dimension was added.


The TNT Dimension was like the regular world, except of the fact everything was made of TNT of many colours. The water was red like regular TNT, but the sky was light blue, just like in the Overworld. There were also small Bedrock areas, where explosive items can be used without causing disasters. Wooden Planks and "Cheese" (Sponges) could also be found here.


The TNT Dimension couldn't be entered by building a portal with TNT and lighting it up (surely because it would explode). The only way to create it was to make a normal Nether portal and then blow it up with massive amounts of TNT. After that, the portal would be transformed and the access would switch from the Nether to the TNT dimension.

The TNT Dimension main inhabitants were the TNT People, who were just like ExplodingTNT, just in different colors. Also two known species of mobs could be found here: the TNT Cows (cows with a skin very similar to ExplodingTNT's) and the TNT-Headed Wither (A Wither with a giant TNT block instead of its bigger head). In the TNT dimension, you had to wear TNT pants so explosions didn't damage you, and Flint and Steels were forbidden. Also, special gear could be found here, such as TNT swords (the ones cause explosions when used) and TNT bows (the ones shoot Primed TNT instead of arrows)

Actually, the TNT dimension is destroyed, as Pink Sheep ate a Green TNT block, turned into a TNT sheep and exploded in rage, creating a domino effect and blowing up the entire dimension.


  • The TNT Dimension and the Dirt Dimension were both destroyed by a big explosion.