The Enderdragon is a recurring character in the ExplodingTNT universe. She is known for being the boss of The End.


The Enderdragon is a huge black and gray dragon with purple eyes and tongue and long wings. She is the mother of Purple Shep and ex-wife of Pink Sheep (They broke up in If Pink Sheep had a Girlfriend - Part 1 due to Pink Sheep falling in love with Crystal Sheep and the dragon dating with an Unnamed Endermite) She is one of the most powerful Minecraft mobs, being able to destroy blocks and buildings just by flying onto them and shooting explosive projectiles.   


The Enderdragon is one of the strongest characters in the videos, known for causing mayhem almost anywhere she goes. She gets easily enraged and tries to kill anybody who makes fun of her, though failing most of the time. Also, sometimes she knows when she has no possibilities of winning and starts panicking, for example, in If the Ender Dragon and the Wither switched Places and in If DYING was Removed. The Enderdragon's minions, the Endermen, are in charge of the Dragon Egg. She is typically used in random pop-up scenes, where she suddenly appears out of nowhere and starts demolishing her surroundings using fireballs, causing chaos. However, she is also a careful mother, as shown in Purple Shep goes to school, when she kills the bully who insulted Purple Shep's toasters.

Her mom is an Endermite, way smaller than her, and sometimes abuses her.

In older ExplodingTNT videos, before marrying Pink Sheep, she had a close relationship with the Wither. However, as revealed in If you could go to the Future, in the year 2020 there will be a Minecraft World War between the Ender Dragon and the Withers, meaning a possible hatred between them in the future.


  • In some of ExplodingTNT videos, another species of dragons are shown: these include the Pink Dragon, the Diamond Dragons and the Steve Dragon.
  • The Ender Dragon is one of the characters who have been had more mates along the videos, being a total of 3 (The Wither, Pink Sheep and the Unnamed Endermite)
    • In Pink Sheep's "Draw My Life", he claimed the Ender Dragon had a boyfriend when Pink Sheep was about to fight her. Since he cannot be the Wither, as their relationship took place much later, this unknown boyfriend increases the count of mates to 4.
  • The Ender Dragon broke the fourth wall in If the Ender Dragon and the Wither switched places. In this video, meanwhile destroying a city, the Ender Dragon collides the camera, breaking it.
    • Before bumping the camera, the Ender Dragon said "Get yo camera off me fool". She might have been talking to ExplodingTNT, resulting on a double fourth wall break.