The Enderdragon's Mom is a minor character that appears in a few videos. She is the mother of The Enderdragon.


The Enderdragon's mom appears as the older model for the endermite, with a dark black silverfish-like body with random, pinkish purple dots all over her, with colored eyes. She may be Purple Shep's grandmother, but this hasn't been confirmed. But all evidence says that she is the grandma of Purple Shep.


The Enderdragon's mom is somewhat caring to The Enderdragon, usually talking to her in a soft voice. But in some cases, mostly in If the Ender Dragon Went to School, we see her dark side, saying her son (now daughter) sucks in a basketball game. She seems to dislike the Enderdragons temper, and tells her to go to an anger managment school. She fell in love with The Baby in one episode of The Weird Comments Series. She is often abusive to the dragon.