The Hacker is an unnamed character in ExplodingTNT's channel.


The Hacker looks like a formally dressed man (despite being an extremely educated baby). He has a black tuxedo with a white shirt underneath, and a red tie. His face is that of a baby's, but covering it up is the famous "anonymous" mask, which is a white mask with light pink and black makeup. The eyes and mouth of it are just black.


The Hacker is a malicious individual. His behavior is often a bit creepy, such as not moving for long periods of time, cloning himself, and disappearing into thin air. He possesses these unnatural abilities because he can hack into the code of the game and modify it to obtain special powers and abilities. He also uses his hacking skills to perform evil activities or embarrass others, such as creating a caricature image of Notch in the video Hacker vs Notch. During the events of Hacker vs. Bully it is revealed that he hacks because he wants to have attention.