Uglyguy4385 is a user who only makes one appearance, in If Wood was Rare.


Uglyguy4385 is a user. He has a shirt with a creeper on it, and he has a green-and-red visor in front of his eyes. His pants are blue, the same color as Steve's. He has short brown hair.


Most of his personality is unknown because of his short screen time, but we can infer that he is confident and that he has many friends, because of the group of people he worked with and one of the graves saying "R.I.P Uglygirl4385: died trying protect friend". He is most likely a casual player, but he could also be a pro, finding the wood.


If Wood Was Rare

In If Wood was Rare, Uglyguy4385 is in a group along with Uglyguy4385, Uglygirl5923, and An unnamed player. The unnamed player complains that Minecraft is ruined because wood is rare. Uglyguy4385 comforts him and says that they will succeed if they just stick together. 2 days later The unnamed player returned with a block of wood. Next to him were the gravestones of his tree friends. Uglyguy4385's grave is shown saying 'Uglyguy4385 died trying to protect wood.' It is unknown if the unnamed player betrayed the group or if a creeper blew up, and the unnamed player was the sole survivor.