Why Villagers Love Emeralds is a video uploaded by ExplodingTNT. It was released on December 28, 2013. It shows the reason why villagers love emeralds.


Villagers to us are just ugly creatures used to obtain random items from. But have you ever wondered why they always want emeralds?

Villagers are exactly how you expected them to be...


The setting takes place in a village, where a cleric villager and a farmer villager who are apparently arguing over whose crops are better (The cleric is obviously superior, but brags about it, making him unlikable). Moments later, they hear a scream, and a Villager Messenger runs into the village from the mountains, claiming he has a message from Notch. Cleric reads it and finds out that the message tells about the new update: Emeralds, the rarest block in Minecraft.

Cleric calls all villagers to attention, and says that they must collect all emeralds in order to become superior. Later, Cleric watches Farmer mining for emeralds, claiming that he's been digging for hours (the hole is not very deep), until Cleric hears someone yelling.

He turns around and sees BaconCrafter lamenting about how he got Emeralds instead of diamonds when he went mining. Cleric puts on a sales face and tells BaconCrafter that if he gives Cleric the emeralds, he will give him roses. BaconCrafter accepts, and walks off with the roses.

Cleric shows Farmer his haul, and says that they need to get down to business. The villagers than proceed to gain pounds of emeralds, and eventually, Cleric becomes rich. He attempts to craft tools with the emeralds, but it's not compatible. Cleric then reads the rest of the update report, which explains that emeralds are useless. Suddenly, two Players arrive, kill all villagers except Cleric, and sell all the remaining emeralds to him for random junk, while Cleric stands in shock.